Dart Stables Terms & Conditions

  1. Stay alert around the horses and approach horses from the front, not from behind
  2. We advise pregnant women not to ride
  3. If you have any medical conditions (epilepsy, asthma, heart conditions or allergies etc) or suffer from any re-occurring injuries please advise your guide before mounting the horse. Also let your guide know if you have any medication with you and/or require any particular action to be taken.
  4. All riders must wear the protective head gear provided by Dart Stables.
  5. Riders with unsuitable footwear must wear a pair of our boots.
  6. Small cameras are welcome on all rides.
  7. Backpacks, large bulky cameras and selfie sticks are not.
  8. Please respect the countryside you ride through by not littering or smoking
  9. Finally, please pay attention to your guides instructions throughout the ride and respect their decisions – it is for your, and others, enjoyment and safety.

When checking in we require your level of riding experience as accurately as possible using the relevant letters below and your weight.

Thank you……….and enjoy your ride!

  • A – 1st time
  • B – have ridden 1 – 10 times
  • C – have ridden 11 – 30 times
  • D – have ridden 31 – 50 times
  • E – have ridden 51 – 100 times
  • F – have ridden 100+ times ie advanced rider